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Book Drive

To celebrate World Book Day let’s share the love of reading by sharing books.
Our library’s world language / mother tongue collection needs new books. If you have books in good condition in another language and are finished with them, we would love to add some to our collection! 
Any English books will also find a good home. We are working with some of the upper school students to support literacy in Africa, both the elementary and upper school library donates old discarded books.

Please drop off your gently used books at the elementary library on Thursday March 6.
Thank you for your support!

Visiting Author: David Greenberg

Getting peoples back story is always interesting, and entertaining a visiting author is often filled with surprises.  Mr. Greenberg is a laid back fellow who is a funny as his books. My husband and I went out for dinner and during the usual ebb and flow of conversation we discovered that his book 'A Tugging String' was based on his father's experience as Martin Luther King's lawyer.  And his anecdotes translated well to a younger audience.

Students were rolling with laughter and chanted along during an assembly. Teachers and students alike were inspired by David's workshops. Students were encouraged to write poetry based on what they notice in life. David's message was simple, write what you know or notice. He helped students make those connections and gave them tips and tricks to start out

Duck! Rabbit!

Duck! Rabbit! Is a fun way to talk to students about perspective or points of view in a book. We had some very lively discussions about how the animal is both! Check out the drawings for the childrens opinion as to whether it's a duck or rabbit.

Reading Olympics

Reading OlympicsStudents in grades 2, 3 and 4 will be encouraged to participate in the library's Reading Olympics.
The events are different reading genres so the students will read a wide variety over the next few weeks. In library we will discuss different genres as well as look at how to choose 'just right' books. We've talked a lot about choosing something that is the correct level using the 5 Finger Rule (read a page and if you make 5 mistakes then it's too hard). Now, we will explore how to find books using websites like the Book Wizard  or the Stacks
To help our Olympic spirit along we will have a 'Character Day' on Thurs. Feb. 13 were students will dress up as their favourite book character, as well as a book drive on World Book Day in March. And, we will have a visiting poet that will inspire us to not only read but write poetry!

Parents can help their child in many ways.