Analysis through Hyperdocs

Starting a new year and getting back into the swing of school means I was cruising through my drive in an effort to clean up the tomb. The benefits of doing this, is stumbling across documents you've forgotten and that were shared with you. This is a chance to breath new life into them. 

My former colleague, Nadine Bailey was the first one to introduce me to Hyperdocs as a tool to deepen comprehension and analyze text. Hyperdocs were developed by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton and Sarah Landis and they discuss them through the lens of being a change agent, teachers can use this versatile tool for almost any subject and more importantly have their students make connections using different media, through videos, pictures, etc. I strongly encourage you to check out their site .

For guided reading, hyperdocs are a fantastic tool to deepen comprehension and analysis skills since students are working with the text in a meaningful way. One of the struggles that grade leve…

Community Building through Mother Tongue Read Aloud

"“Mother Tongue language” isn’t about a day in a year, it’s about a lifetime of language. " - Eowyn Crisfield

As a part of our United Nations Week, I began a read-aloud program inviting parents to read aloud in their mother tongue to our student. This is my third year running the program which I do twice a year, once during UN Week and again during our Book Week.  Being an educator and having a love of teaching reading, I know the value of maintaining a students mother tongue. It is the foundation for a child's literacy learning journey.

The structure is fairly casual and simple, students are invited to listen to a story read by a parent during their recess. Teachers are sent a schedule of which languages will be featured during morning and afternoon recess, and they share it with their students.  I used a google form to invite parents to read about 2 weeks before the event and then a week before I set up a schedule, send confirmation emails and ensure there's a balanc…

My Thoughts on Implementing Digital Tools and Pedagogy

During my studies for my Masters of Education with a focus on technology, I have been looking at mobile learning and the pedagogies that are being developed to support m-learning in schools.

In my role, I often introduce new tools to teachers. My personal pedagogy was to follow Regie Routman's 'Optimal Learning Model' since I found as a classroom teacher who used the Reading and Writing Workshop in her classroom that it was a solid way to individualize instruction. Generally, I begin with a pilot program and gather teachers together to demonstrate the tool and if they are keen then we move ahead and get trial. In another, longer session we explore the tool further, co-plan some lessons and assessments as well as develop a survey or other tool to assess the impact the tool has on student learning. As we move forward, we co-teach lessons and then the guided practice happens amongst teachers and students, we learn together. The final stage is to set the students free and guid…