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We need you

Our students are eager readers and we try to keep them satisfied by quickly getting popular titles back on the shelf. 

It is wonderful that we have enough books that each student can have 10 books on their account but in order to maintain that number we need help getting titles back into their place on the shelves.

Shelving is a simple and relaxing task. You just need to know the alphabet and how to count. It is rather satisfying to empty a cart full of books and see things organized and in their place.

If you have a half an hour before picking up your child or after dropping them off we would love to have some help shelving books. If you're interested please stop by the library and speak to Ms. Cooper or Ms. Ildiko. Thank you.

Boys + Reading = Challenge

Boys will be boys, is this old adage true? As an educator of more years than I wish to count and from conversations with colleagues we know that boys and girls learn differently. It's hard to pinpoint when it starts, and whether it's nature vs. nuture. As a librarian, I have to balance having a selection of what students want to read with quality literature that you believe students should read.

Scientific studies share conflicting answers and girls and boys. Brains studies that have analyzed  brain matter  at a nearly cellular level states that differences in how the brain connects and processes information doesn't become apparent until after the age of 13. As a teacher, and now parent, I have hard time believing this.

My parental guilt has already begun and I know I'm already influencing my son, the nuture route, since I'm sharing my favourtie genres which are fantasy and science fiction.  On I read an interesting post about comparing what girls read …

Crisp Paper and Shiny Covers

Can you smell it? New books smell as good as freshly mown grass. We have
a range of titles available, from baby board books to young adult. I'm looking forward to hearing or reading your opinions on the new titles.

We have been discussing the criteria we use to decide if a book is good. It's important for students to think deeply about why they make choices and support their opinion.

The Silver Knight and Golden Dragon books have arrived as well! Our older students will share their opinions using Destiny Quest Book Review and they will be expected to use criteria to support their thinking.

Come and check out something new!

Books Change Lives

Tomorrow is World Book Day

We are celebrating by hosting a Book Drive! Sharing is caring, so let's share a love of books.

Our library world language collection needs new titles. If your child has books in a different language and you're finished with them please donate a couple.

English books will find a home in Africa.

Thank you for your support!