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Inquiring Minds

Being a specialist teacher provides us with the big picture of our students. Literally, we observe the spectrum of learning on a daily basis, we observe a range of learning styles and therefore we have tendency to make generalizations.

An interesting trend happens around Grade 2 and Grade 3, students struggle to ask questions. I have given them beautiful action packed nonfiction books and they just ask if they should research and take notes. When I prompted them by asking what they are wondering about, I'm met with blank stares.

Questioning is on the mind's of many educators, not just mine. Asking questions, gives the learner power over their learning.

So for the past two years I have made it my mission to encourage questioning from multiage to Grade 5, especially when beginning research.  I've got a variety of tools including little question rings. I use a lot of 'think/pair/share' since talking about their interests or wonderings seems to help promote deeper thinkin…

Formula for a Successful Book Fair

Hosting Book Fairs is another important component of library advocacy. This year along with my Usborne Book Rep, Maria Bihari, we hit upon a winning formula and managed to hit her record in sales. 
We have tried various methods. The first is the 2 regular school days when classroom teachers are expected to support by monitoring students money, and anyone who has taught younger students knows this can be challenge which can end in tears if money is forgotten. We had done well with hosting the book fair during a student conference day so parents are encouraged by their child to visit after seeing their teacher and then followed this up with a regular school day. The benefit was that classroom teachers didn't need to keep track or sign up their classes to visit. Most of the sales for the second day were from kids who had found favourites and returned to by them, either independently or along with a teaching assistant.
However the winning combination was a regular…