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The Roller Coaster Ride of Being an Integrationist

As a 21st century librarian I spend only half my time in my library space, the other half I spend in classes working in the virtual world. My role is to integrate. The goal of integration is ensure that the same research and literacy skills are taught both through a grade level and differentiated vertically along grades.

Integrationists are not a new fad in teaching but colleagues are often unsure where I fit. The American Association of School Libraries has done it's research. Leading librarian Melissa P. Johnston stated in her work that integration is   "... leading to uncertainty concerning how school librarians enact this role in practice."

Building a shared vision  is a challenge and takes time.

Here's a brief summary of my feeling and thoughts of my journey thus far. Check back in a year to see the differences!

Scholastic Book Fair

Our PSA is hosting a Scholastic Book Fair next week from Tuesday (Gr. 3, 4, 5), Wednesday  (Multiage, Kindergarten, Gr. 1, Gr. 2)
Friday ( 1pm - 4pm everyone). Books are set at reasonable price of 500 - 2000 HUF. This is a perfect time to expand your personal libraries.

The Stacks is a great website sponsored by Scholastic and gives students the opportunity to browse digital books in different ways. Students can look browse through different genre tabs. The video tab has a treasure trove of goodies like book trailers, interviews with authors and features some celebrities. 

Visit the site to see what Scholastic has to offer and then come to the Book Fair to see if you can find some new books!

What Happens When a Group of Librarians Get Together?

Librarians are definitely a form of tech geek and my last teacher librarian workshop was a good example of this. I've developed refined my focus and I need to better promote the great digital resources we already have: get more ebooks into the minds of our young readers and encourage our students to use the research tools like Webpath express and OneSearch before they even think to try Google.

Watch this space for  little reminders of some of the goodies we have to offer.

TUMBLE BOOKS Why is this an awesome tool? It reads books online aloud and students can follow the text.
1) Log into
2) Open the Library and Technology tab - There's a link to the library website and below there's a list of logins for our subscriptions
3) Open the blue 'Read Aloud' tab - click on Tumble Books Library and then explore