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Drawing Dude!

Inspiring kids to dream and create is a tough job and John Steven Gurney did it with panache!

Johnis an illustrator who has produced a copious number of covers and drawings. He is best known for his series: A-Z Mysteries, the Calendar Mysteries, The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, the Bailey City Monsters and the Palace Puppies. As a librarian, this was a dream come true since we had over 75 books featuring his work. His work has also appeared in many magazines and even the board game 'Guess Who'. 
Dinosaur Train is a wonderful picture book featuring John's son Jesse as the main character. Not only did he draw the illustrations but he is also the author. His presentations were varied according to the students ages and he establishes a good rapport with his audience. And he had a great number of tricks up his sleeve that he shared with the kids during his drawing workshops. The kids were excited and realized that they too can be illustrators.
His presentation was a great…