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Showing Off Our International Community

In honour of the UN's International Day of Peace our English as an Additional Language team helped our students to create a great Museum of Culture.  The students discussed aspects of their country and culture and many brought in items from their home to share and display.

As a librarian, I helped by getting some books and the books aren't limited to books about countries or maps, there are cookbooks, craft books, fairy tales and celebrations.

It was a great way for students to really delve into 'Who We Are' and to feel pride about where they are from. Well done AISB!

Benefits of Audio Books

Audio books are a great way for children to expand their vocabulary, especially for students who are learning English as an additional language, as well as improve their listening skills. Comprehension is another area that improves since the child can focus on the story's structure rather than focusing on reading or decoding the words themselves.

We have many new books with CDs available in the library. Children get the benefit of hearing a fluent English speaker, and  it is a professional story teller who reads the book in a very engaging manner. Children also begin to understand how to read with expression. And many are song books so you may find your child singing along. Audio books will help your young reader become more fluent.

Visit us in the library and check out our great selection!

Read Aloud: It's Powerful

Reading AloudSit down
Curl up
With a book
With a puppet
With your tiny little muppet.

Take a breathe
Let the stress
Easy away
And enjoy
This special moment
of your day.

Do you love reading aloud to children as well? Are you a parent at AISB and have some free time? I would like to start mother tongue read aloud sessions during the students morning nutrition break. Children from different classes and grade levels could come listen to a story read in their mother tongue. If you want help support this initiative, please contact me at

Do you want to try a new way of reading aloud. See below for some online books:
1. Tumble Books
2. Multilingual books
3. International Children Digital Library
4. Symbaloo - National Geographic,
5. Symbaloo - Barnes & Noble Online Stories

Nonfiction - more than just animals and space

The library has many new titles available, especially in our nonfiction section. Nonfiction books have much to offer children, and they are much more than books on planets, history or animals.

Children love creating. In the library we have many different kinds of 'How To' books: cooking, crafts, origami, drawing, music, magic and sports. Featured below are some new titles in the library: click the link to find out more about them.

There is a wealth of research out there that encourages children to read nonfiction books for pleasure since the reality is as the move up in grades more and more of their reading will be nonfiction. If they develop good nonfiction reading habits now, it will improve their comprehension later.