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Thinking About My Readers

While sipping tea and surfing some blogs on Sunday morning I started looking at different apps available for reading stories. I've got a school full of readers, or soon to be readers, and a wide variety of books, print and digital is important. The article about Bookboard caught my eye; not only does Sharpio talk about the app, he explains his pedagogy about ebooks and print. It's similar to my own, in it's belief that children need both. My son loves the iPad but like many things it's finding something that is developmentally appropriate as well as somewhat intellectually stimulating. Not that he can't have brain candy sometimes, his fix is YouTube and he loves the option to scroll to different cartoons. Truly the important thing about books and shared reading is what you do with them, the tool isn't as important as the discussion. Talking to kids about what they notice and think is the beneficial part.

Getting to know my readers is critical for success, this w…

Going Up Anyone?

New students and new teachers have something in common; the extra challenges of learning new systems, meeting new people and figuring out how we will be learn in this new environment. I'm not sure if it's easier to be older and wiser, I'm all to aware of the size of shoes my predecessor left me to fill.
Surfing the net and other blogs led me to a fellow 'Back to School Survivor' who scooped an article from a very sensible woman Krissy Vensodale and she listed 10 reasons why as a teacher you want to be connected and therefore why your students need to be connected.
And let's not forget to be balanced and remember it's important to be unplugged. Gever Tulley's 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let You Could Do has the important theme of the importance of physical exploration in our world.
As my fingers start to cramp and eyes begin to cross as I explore the school online presence and attempt to build the new elementary libguide page and my professional blog, I n…