A Sense of Wonderment

Stephanie Harvey, a well known reading guru,  has inspired me all over again! That's the beauty of going to good workshops as a teacher, you leave brimming with ideas and what's even better is so are your colleagues so you can start some new things together. There was talk of getting a group of people together to start tweeting and getting into to Twitter on a professional level, I wonder how many people would be interested in participating or if parents would follow?

Satisfaction was experienced on many levels. I've been reading Stephanie's books for years so it was quite exciting to meet someone I admire. Plus she affirmed that many of my practices are on the right track, getting kids to talk and that nonfiction is important. She also helped me to sort out where I need to take students next which is wonder, and the importance of having our students ask questions. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the things you already know, and one of my first tasks is to bring back the 'Wonder Wall'.

Stephanie provided us with an arm length list of books including a great guide to support parents in helping their young reader, 7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Your Kids Read and Get It


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