What Do Kids Want?

Teachers know that the best way for our students to learn is to make it enjoyable. Sometimes, this is a challenge since not everyone likes the same thing. This video, What Kids Want Out of School?, of middle school students shows what our leaners would like. The answer to this is we attempt to make tasks inquiry based, meaning we allow students to make guided choices about what they want to learn. We also like to ensure our students have an authentic voice in the process.

This links to my former posting about reading contests. For the Golden Dragon Book Award I'm using Google Classroom to stay organized. To further motivate my students and encourage them to build a reading community I'm giving my students different options to share their opinions.

Currently, the students are expected to evaluate their books using criteria set by myself and I created a template for them to use and an example video (seen below). They need to discuss the genre, characters, author's style, connections and a recommendation. However, they do have some choices as to how the present their work. At the end of the project, I'm aiming for them to create their own criteria lists.

Students who are introverted and want to express themselves through writing may use Destiny Quests Review function and post a written review. Students who are more visual and extroverted may express themselves through a video (here's the link to my template).  If they are somewhere in the middle and don't want themselves in the video then they can use a powtoon or animoto template.

My goal for next week is to set up a library youtube channel so the students can see the videos and eventually make a QR code to more students can watch the videos.

My journey to make a community of readers is to be continued!


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