Book Shopping

“It is an error … to think of children as a special kind of creature, almost a different race, rather than as normal, if immature, members of a particular family, and of the human family at large,” J. R. R. Tolkien

Browsing for new books is one of my favourite parts of being a librarian. And getting input from others is great. Social Media has changed the way I browse for books, I often look at other librarians or educators blogs, Facebook pages, and random newspapers.

A Mighty Girl does have great books that encourage girls to be empowered but she has a wider range of genres as well including some interesting multicultural books and some hilarious humorous books.

The Facebook page I recently used for my shopping list is the PYP Library, which has the latest books and includes articles about the latest strategies and happenings in education.
allows people to share articles or scoop them with others. You use tags to help people find topics and keep your own articles organized or curated.

And there's mountains of sites for articles and one of the one's I like is Brain Pickings. This week I  used it for it's 13 Best Children's Books.

I'd love to hear recommendations from the wider community and there's a book request form on the bottom of the library home page.

Hopefully our young readers will be drawn into something new and good!


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