Did You Get It?

What's the point? Having students identify and describe the main
idea of the story is an important skills.

I was amazed this week by our multiage students who easily identified the point of Stone Soup as being all about giving and sharing. Traditional tales are often told so kids can get the point.

But who knew that you could use Dr. Seuss for some deeper messages? Maybe I'll try some of those next week since connections is a focus for Gr. 2 and Gr. 3. This week with Gr. 2 and Gr. 3 we talked about connections and how they often help us decide whether or not we like a story. There is a relationship between the number of connections you make and your enjoyment.  Kindy's and Gr. 1's made connections between traditional fairy tales and twisted ones.

Sometimes we over think things, I have to stop myself when teaching students connections from not going overboard and connecting to myself, other books as well as the world all in one story. This article about school playgrounds made me think that maybe simplicity - less rules is the way to go.


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