Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back to school is a time to change gears and sometimes habits, both for adults and students.

At home, I have my own emergent reader to act as a guinea pig for new resources and strategies. In addition to the suggestions on the infographic, there's also the 'device'. With the online literacy being here to stay as educators we have an obligation to support our learners in how to read devices, it is a different skill set.

And just like when reading books, it should be done and aloud and together. Modelling is a great piece. Luckily, there's a fun variety of options to guide parents to viewing, like Tumble books which has different audio options and also highlights text. Just books aloud sorts popular titles into a wide range of categories for easy browsing. Want to support EAL students then Unite for Literacy offers different languages.

Another avenue are eBooks. Our library has some interactive eBooks that are great when viewed on computers or laptops. Other eBooks can be read on iPads or tablets. Our library interface has been upgraded and highlights our great digital resources.

Remember to visit your library for a wide variety of 'old school' print books.  Students like to see what parents interests are and they  like to be the experts when showing you  how to find books. Librarians like me are proud to show off new additions to the collection and will happily guide you.


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