What's the Word?

Magazines are a saving grace on a plane, the audience can be for all ages and there's one out there for everyone.  In my library magazines are undervalued and slow to circulate, so to promote magazine literature I'm starting an online magazine with some Gr. 4 & Gr. 5 students in an after school program.

To begin the kids will need to explore some online magazines like Amazing Kids Magazine, National Geographic for Kids, Boys Life and Sports Illustrated for Kids which I have linked on my library website.  While they are exploring I will pose some guiding questions: which articles did you find interesting, what features were helpful and who is the audience for the magazine. Once we discuss their findings our publication will gain a name and an aim for the audience.

Planning is key and it will need to be soemthing the kids do, is think ahead about how to plan to write an article. They will be required to have some form of plan: a scribbled brainstorm, a picture on the iPad, a list in a Google doc, etc. Luckily, I can host my group in the library so we will have access to some great tools: iPads and Mac desktops.

I'm excited as a Teacher Librarian to pursue something new at this school that will promote magazines, encourage a small group of students to write creatively and hopefully entertain an audience in the community. For myself, I'll be trying out a new online publishing tool, Smore and working to use some tech tools in a new way.

Magazines have their place in the world and it will be fun to promote them.


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